We offer you these:

International funeral services
Coming to your home, at a request
Reduction of funeral expenses (Social)
Transportation of mortal remains in the country and abroad
The organization оf complete funeral / complete care of mortal remains
Making appointments for the funeral at city cemeteries
Supply of the coffin and all other ancillary equipment – bouquets, wreaths, tears, ikebana, crosses
Bathing and dressing the deceased
As well as a stay in a special freezer
Acquiring complete documentation and regulation of administrative procedures, Embassies and other
Making the death certificate and obituary announcements in daily newspapers

Our company offers complete organization of the funeral, as well as a large selection of funeral equipment at best prices in this part of Europe. For you we transport the mortal remains all over Europe.

Our main task is to quickly and efficiently fulfill all client requests. In addition to standard funeral service we transport the mortal remains from abroad and from all European countries.

We are the only one in the country that transport the mortal remains with new, luxury vehicles, special built with four wheel drive, and special reductions for all conditions and terrain. The services of our funeral home is performed at the level of world standards. Thanks to the professionalism expressed in the mentioned activities, as well as a total commitment in the most difficult moments of your life, we have been recommended by many customers throughout Europe, as a serious company you can trust.

We transport throughout Europe. So far we have worked in the following countries: Croatia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, France, Spain and others. On several occasions, we have successfully organized the transport of mortal remains from the United States, Canada and even Brazil.

Transportation costs are counted per driven kilometer. Therefore the price depends on the length of the trip, as well as the country in which the deceased is traveling, or from which it is transported (costs of tolls, waiting time at borders, etc.).

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